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To find your Coupon code download JT app and get your coupon code. 

Dear Customer,

Here We are Introducing How To Do Free Shopping With THE JT APP


  1. Download and Install the Jt App from play store
  2. open the app , you will see that type of view in your mobile.



3. After when you open the app you will get 5 options to visit.

1).Know Your Order Status:- If you purchase anything from our site than you can easily track your order status here .

2). Know Your Total Earnings :-  Describe below.

3). Task Of The Day :-  You can earn referral points from performing some social task here.

4). Support :- If You need any help you can contact here with our customer support team.

5). Shop Here:- Here you can visit our web site for shopping.






1). Know Your Order Status:- when you click on that button you will see your orders here.




.Now Click on any order to know its status.



2). Know Your Total Earnings :-  Now click on that button here yop can see your earnings from The Jt Store.



Here you will have 4 types of earning by which you can get discount from The Jt Store with any purchase .

2.1) Redeem Now:- By clicking here you can redeem your earnings with Jt Store.







Click Here on Add to Cart



You will get your cash back also


Select your points here by which you want to get discount


Here you get 100% Discount on your product



Now you have to pay only Processing charge here.





  • Task Of The Day:- When  you install this app you will get 5000 Jt Cash as a welcome offer. you can use this 5000 reward as 5000 Rs. on  Our website, Or if you want to get more points then you can earn more points from referral task(Task Of The Day), In this you have to complete some referral task with your social Network and you will have points for every Task you have completed .

Why to use this app ?

IF you want to shop online but you do not trust any site to pay them , Here you can shop online without investing any single rupee . when you install this app you will receive Rs.5000  as reward. You can use this Rs.5000 on our website to buy any product from our website . when you click on redeem button you will receive an COUPON CODE worth same as your referral points, you can use this code to purchase any product on our site with the same discount of your referral point. Or if you want to purchase more products but now you don’t have any points ,then you can earn more points from referral task, here you will receive Rs.1 for every single referral click.



Redeem Your 5000 JT Cash Here From Below Options





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